After listening to the report, Liu Changchen also learned in detail the recent work and living conditions of Mr. Zou and Manager Zou, and hoped that high -level people like two people can based on the Qingyuan, and give full play to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the development of service enterprises, and talent training. Its advantage has made greater contributions to the high -quality development of Qingyuan City.

In the end, President Lei also said that we will adhere to the idea of "talent is the first resource" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and make full use of the complete teaching system and the company's rich cultural activities advantages of the Titanium Meishe Academy. Cultivating, talent introduction, welfare guarantee, cultural construction and other aspects of investment, and strive to make the ideological guidance of talents at all levels in the enterprise, so that people can give full play to their own advantages and help the enterprise's high -quality development.

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