Pre sales service

According to the actual needs of customers, help customers understand the specifications and development trends of aluminum, and provide customers with relevant aluminum technology consulting services. Provide relevant technical suggestions on aluminum parameters, specifications, assembly effects, functional requirements, environmental factors, etc. Recommend and design reasonable schemes for customers. At the same time, our company provides customers with a professional transportation team and a strong logistics cooperation program, and professionals supervise the production process and track the production progress. Therefore, we promise:

(1) Provide technical and transportation assistance to customers;

(2) During the new development project, our company will assign at least one technician to assist, responsible for the preliminary design guidance, technical guidance and follow-up of the project development progress;

(3) Provide project quality inspection report;

今期必中三码 After-sale service

After sales services include:
We will define daily maintenance, quality maintenance, general exceptions, major exceptions and emergencies according to the nature of the incident, and provide detailed analysis and solutions within 24 hours.

After sales services include:
⑴ Daily maintenance: the customer has technical questions about the use of aluminum, and provides relevant technical guidance requirements;